Preschool Travels the World

Saint Michael 4/5 PreK class took a journey to learn about other Countries they were interested in with the children each picking a country they wanted to learn more about.  Some of the children brought in flags, items, books or food from their country. They “applied for” and filled out passports and bought plane tickets.  Then the children went to the computer lab where Mrs. Pagorek took tickets, and sat the children on their seats on the plane.  She then used the Smart Board and took the kids on a plane ride.  The kids absolutely loved this and you could see the imagination practical written on their faces.  After the plane ride, they went through customs and had their passports stamped.  They then did a show-and-tell about their countries, making flags and tasting foods from all over the world, imagining their trip to Poland, India, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Ireland and Vietnam.  They tasted food from Poland, Mexico, Ireland, Vietnam and India.  What a wonderful experience they shared!!