A Look Back at Catholic Schools Week 2018

Catholic Schools’ week at St. Michael School was a huge success due to the dedication of our Student Council and the support provided by SMS staff, students, and family members. Our Student Council researched the theme: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed. Their ideas all shared one common goal and this goal was to help others in their community and to show their appreciation for our priests, deacons, sisters, and school staff.

The Student Council organized a fun-filled week which encouraged creating cards and letters of appreciation, sharing time among peers, and donating money and items to several charities. The SMS community reached out to Kindred Nursing Home, Meals on Wheels, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Tradewinds, and Wounded Warriors.

In addition to helping others, students participated in a variety of activities. Some of these activities included a bake sale, scavenger hunt, donation contest among all grade levels, career day, movie/popcorn, and classroom visits from Fr. Greg! Their school spirit was displayed as they dressed down in spirit wear, sports attire, patriotic colors, career attire, and pajamas.

Furthermore, this extraordinary week ended with a new tradition created by Parker Knueppel, a 7th grader at SMS. His idea was called, “Champion of the Week.” His goal was to encourage SMS spirit and participation among the students. The class to achieve both of these would win a trophy filled with surprises. The 2018 winner went to Mrs. McLaughlin’s 5th grade class! They will hold on to this award until 2019!

SMS Daisies at Phil’s Friends

St. Michael School’s 1st Grade  Daisies, Girl Scout Troop #15442, recently took part in a wonderful service project.  The troop leaders try each year, during Lent, to take the girls on a field trip which focuses on service to others.  This year’s trip was to the office of Phil’s Friends, a local charity in Crown Point, IN.  The mission of Phil’s Friends (https://philsfriends.org) is to provide Christ-centered support and hope to those affected by cancer.  1.6 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States. Many of these people with cancer find themselves in hopeless situations in hospital rooms and homes across the country. Phil’s Friends brings hope through the distribution of hand-assembled Care Packages to cancer patients and their families, and consistent weekly support through Cards of Hope and prayer.

Our 1st Grade students and their families assisted the staff at Phil’s Friends to create and assemble hopeful Care Packages, as well as creating Cards of Hope to be sent to patients.  After all the care packages were assembled, the group said a prayer over them before they were set to be sent out to patients.  The girls and their families truly enjoyed the opportunity to help bring hope and share God’s love with those in need.

2018 Science Olympiad Regional Competition

The dedicated students of St. Michael School attending the 2018 Science Olympiad Regional Competition at IU Northwest. We were well represented in a number of events, including: Disease Detectives, Wright Stuff, Solar System, Towers, Potions and Poisons, Crime Busters, Battery Buggy, and Roller Coaster. We are so proud of our students and the amazing work and dedication they put into this competition and beyond delighted to see a number of medals come home with our students. Brianna Cook and Maggie Keith came home with a 5th Place in Potions and Poisons and Gabe Novales and Nathan Anderson came home with the 1st Place medal for Roller Coasters. These students represented St. Michael’s Catholic Community with such amazing professionalism and delight. We can’t wait to see what our students will do next year at the 2019 Science Olympiad.

Career Day in 1st Grade

During Catholic Schools Week at St. Michael Catholic School, Mrs. Rusin’s 1st Grade students participated in “Career Day 2018” along with the entire student body.  In preparation for this event, they wrote and presented their reports which explained their job requirements and the reasons for choosing their careers.  Their enthusiasm shined while they shared their career duties and experiences! Throughout the school, there were doctors, teachers, scientists, astronauts, and so much more!

Experiment in 3D Literature

The St. Michael School 8th Grade class showcased their experiment in 3D Literature last week when S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” sprang off the pages. The book was published in 1967 when Hinton was only 18-years-old and tells the story of two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs, which our students read with great intensity and enthusiasm. The 8th Graders came to class and walked the halls dressed as characters straight from the 1950’s, taking this amazing opportunity to not only live a day outside their own time but also show off their creativity. For just one day, the 1950’s came back to Schererville and history came to life.

Sir Bookworm

The 4th grade class at St. Michael School held a class play for the school, parents, family and the Fathers too on Tuesday January 16 in the school gym. Our play was “Sir Bookworm”. The short little play was about a modern day girl in 2018 who thought books were no longer needed in a technology based world she lived in. She was arguing with the bookworms that reading is a waste of time. As the girl gets so bored with what is said she falls asleep. The characters of the books come off the shelves to defend themselves that reading is still cool in 2018. The class did a great job and worked hard during this little Reader’s theatre. Reader’s Theatre helps improve reading fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension while incorporating drama, art and movement into the learning process. It was a fun way to take a different approach into our school curriculum. The students I hope will always have this memory of our fourth grade play.

Chrome Carts

St. Michaels School has two sets of Chrome carts to bring technology in the classroom for 1: 1 instruction.  The fourth grade classroom enjoys using the Chrome for many different educational purposes.  On Friday December 1st the fourth graders were demonstrating one of the ways we use technology to enhance our learning.  The fourth grade students were practicing multiplication and division facts while playing a game on Quizizz together.  Our game can get a little crazy but it’s all in the name of learning.  The Chromes are used in our classroom from studying our spelling words on Spelling City to assigning an extra practice lesson in math that a student may have struggled with in the week.  The use of the Chromes in the classroom are a very valuable tool. 

– Mrs. Fisher