There are a multitude of tuition assistance programs available, offered both by the state and the Diocese of Gary.  High quality education for your child is within your grasp; we are committed to aggressively pursuing every available aid option, in order to allow your child access to private education.  

For more information on tuition, tours, and how to apply, please contact:

Karen Rapacz (Executive Assistant)

Contact Karen to meet the teachers, see the classrooms, and discover available financial aid options.  Some basic tuition assistance information can be viewed here.


“Anyone that hears our children talk about their first year at St. Michael School would think they have been there since kindergarten. Starting as 7th and 8th graders can be tough, but the transition was seamless and filled with a momentous soccer and cross country season, challenging education, and lasting friendships. And, most of allm family community. We could not be happier with our decision to join the St. Michael Family.”

– The Remakel Family

“Why I sent my kids to a Catholic grade school? I graduated from St. Michael School, Class of 1978; like my brothers and sisters, older and younger than me. Being raised Catholic was very important to my grandmother, who raised her six children on her own, folding and pressing clothes at a laundry mat in Hessville, IN. It was also important to my father, who raised five children, working for the Highland Post Office. Contrary to perception, Catholic education is not reserved for the privileged and should be considered by all. I wanted my children to get started on the right foot. I wanted to provide my children with the same foundation and community I was provided as a student. I feel very strongly about this belief.”

– John A. Ritchie (Class of 1978)

“St. Michael’s is my first chouce in education. As a former graduate, I had no doubt that the extraordinary staff, use of technology, and the SMS families shaped the life-long learner my daughter is today.”

– Jessica Burgess-Zvyak (Class of 1998)