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Covid-19 Update: Fr. Jacob Tests Positive

Dear Parishioners,

Unfortunately, we have just learned that Father Jacob tested positive for Covid-19.  He is experiencing moderate symptoms, but is doing well otherwise and has not developed any respiratory difficulties.  He will remain in isolation as he convalesces; let us all pray for his quick recovery.  It is tentatively estimated that he may be able to return to the parish November 5th, barring any complications.

As was reported earlier, Father Marty remains negative for Covid-19 and is not experiencing any symptoms.  His last direct contact with Fr. Jacob was on Saturday, October 17th.  Though all signs indicate Father Marty has not contracted the virus, he will be taking another test on Wednesday.  If he tests negative once more, then he will return for the weekend of November 1st.

Extensive contact tracing has been conducted, and it is now believed that Father Jacob’s exposure to Covid-19 is unrelated to the infected individual who was at Mass last Sunday, October 18th.  There is also no reason to believe Fr. Jacob was contagious during Mass that day.

Father Marty and Father Jacob are heeding the advice of medical professionals, especially as relates to their return to the parish, so you can rest assured that all of their decisions are informed by expert opinion and adhere to CDC guidelines.

While this is a regrettable situation, it serves as a potent reminder that the presence of this virus in our community is very real.  As a parish, we must all remain vigilant with the observance of safety protocols, such as mask usage and social distancing, that are intended to keep us safe.

Remember, prayer is a powerful practice, especially during these times; we urge everyone to continue praying for those who are ill, for the discovery of a viable cure and/or vaccine, and for the health of Father Marty and Father Jacob.

We will continue to provide regular updates as more information becomes available.


Covid-19 Update

As you have likely heard, an individual involved with 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. masses last Sunday has been diagnosed as positive for Covid-19. Anyone with close or sustained contacted with the infected person has already been informed. We have been vigilant with contact tracing and reached out to all attendees of those Masses, even though risk to the general population of mass-goers is virtually non-existent.
Again, we would like to stress that the risk to attendees of any Mass is minimal due to how stringently all safety protocols, including social distancing, mask usage, and disinfection, are always followed.
Father Marty and Father Jacob did, however, have more extensive and prolonged contact with this individual, and as a result were tested for Covid-19 and are in quarantine.

Fr. Marty is happy to share that his COVID-19 test has come back negative. Out of an abundance of caution, however, his Doctor has advised him to remain in quarantine until next weekend. We are still awaiting results from Fr. Jacob’s COVID-19 test.

Fr. Marty once again assures is of his prayers for the parish community, especially the sick. Please continue your prayers for Fr. Jacob and Fr. Marty.

Partners in Charity: Saint Michael’s and Sojourner Truth House

Due to the great success of our Mega Raffle, we decided to share a percentage of the proceeds, amounting to $19,000, with Sojourner Truth House. They are an amazing charity that serves underprivileged individuals in the Gary community.

We just received this heartfelt thank you letter expressing their immense gratitude to you, our parishioners, for helping support their work. The letter details the way these funds have helped impact the lives of those in need. In the words of Sister Peg, Sojourner’s Executive Director, “Your generosity changes lives.” This goes to show that exercising a little generosity can have a profound effect on your community and the world.



Early Bird Raffle Winners!

Congratulations to Bill Sconza and Cathy Bartczak, the winners of our $500 Early Bird Mega Raffle drawing! Their tickets have been placed back into the running for our $50,000 Grand Prize!

There’s still time to get a ticket for our August 8th drawing if you haven’t already. Either click the request button on our homepage, call 219-322-4505 ext. 8249, or stop in and see us.

Our Mega Raffle has the best odds in town, and all the tickets go to supporting a great cause.