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Practical Church Repair Information #01

The St. Michael Parish Project to repair our church’s water infiltration problems has begun.

The Our Lasting Legacy Fundraising Campaign is Funding our over $3 million project and the donations in that campaign are being closely monitored to ensure funding is on target to do the project, as designed, and within timing targets.

The General Contractor is Larson Danielson, with Tim Larson as our contact. The Architect is Entheos, and our contact is Kevin Stuckwisch and his site architect is Mark Prange.

Gary Krieps (773.805.2680) will be the “owner’s representative” carrying all of the interesting and not so interesting information regarding timing, costs, changes, and construction activities to Father Marty for informative continuity and authorization. No work will be authorized without a complete review and signature from Fr. Marty, for the duration of the project.

The official bidding for the contractors to do the work has been started and bids were due January 17 with some contractors asking for a 2 week extension. We recently met with over 40 contractors asking they make sure they follow our bidding requirements and timing. Some toured the work site to verify certain complex issues so all bidders have all of the information they might need.

We’ve recently learned the project can be done in a shorter schedule than the longstanding timeline of one year. We now are told the timeline will likely be starting immediately after Easter (4/1/2018) and be completed during later January of 2019. Of course this is now dependent on sub-contractor materials issues and the weather participating in our work. Of course this shorter time schedule places an additional burden on our very generous Our Lasting Legacy donors to continue and complete their donations on a timely basis.

The work includes extensive brick repair, the complete replacement of the beige colored EEFIS above the brick and below the roof with stone veneer matching the school stone, groundwater and downspout water collection, below ground waterproofing, and a completely new long lasting roof. The drainage and the roof will likely be done later in the timeline and when you see painting we will be getting close to the ending phases of the project.

To do the project, we will be closing the North West Parking lot for parking and make its use for all construction equipment, vehicles, materials and all other construction needs, for the entire project.

From time to time, you should expect to see construction equipment in the church. Our beautiful and irreplaceable Stained Glass windows will be removed, stored for the duration of the work and carefully replaced by experts.

Our wonderful church organ will be carefully protected by professionals and cleaned and tuned after the project is completed.

The landscaping around the perimeter will be removed and the draining system installed making access to the church change from time to time. The landscaping after the project is a separate project which will require many parishioners to become involved in the design meetings and the execution of this.

We expect the church to be available for normal liturgies and will carefully look at activities to keep the worship space available as often as possible.

In those areas where working and repair conditions warrant, certain normal entry and exit doors will be closed and blocked off, walkways bridged, certain church benches and chairs will be removed and other typically used spaces blocked off. The work schedule is designed to keep as much of the disturbance to a minimum while not creating delays and other problems for the contractors, which could cost our parish undo expenses.

At the end of each week the contractors will sweep up and remove all debris and construction tools and the sacristans will clean as well as possible for Saturday and Sunday events. In this area of the activity I will ask for your patience and respect as we try hard to minimize the impact on our worship space and events.

Imagine all of the activities at our church including large items like the many meetings, choir practice, school masses and the like, being impacted by this work. The work will be happening not only during regular liturgical events but remember the Festival, Christmas and many, many other events, so be patient and call the office or myself if you can help us through this very large project.

When the work is done, the church will receive a complete professional cleaning. This will include the floors, trusses, statuary, ductwork, piping, horizontal surfaces, windows, and upholstery.

This is the first of many communications we will put out so we can keep you informed. If you are looking for specific answers or want to see timelines and other construction issues we will get much of this on the web site for you to see. Fr. Marty, the Pastoral Council, and the Finance Council is interested in being very transparent in this project and again if you have any questions or comments, call the Parish Office or I and we will help answer your interests.

The next communication will update you on the bidding results and cost information and any other issues we learn about.


Gary Krieps

St. Michael Parish

Church Repair Project

Owner’s Representative

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