Radiate Rock

WHEN:          Saturday, April 14th

Meet at 5:00pm Mass at St. Michael Catholic Church, Schererville

Dance to follow in gym from 6:00-10:00pm


FEE:                 $10 & Can of food/Household
paper product for Good Samaritans

                        ($10 includes pizza, snacks, and DJ)

                        Cash/Checks accepted at door — Checks payable to St. Michael Church


WAIVER:       Permission form/waiver & payment will be collected at the door

                 Download Here

NOTE:            RSVP attendance to mzvyak@gmail.com  by Sunday, April 8th

Reflect on the Meaning of the Cross (from Formed.org)

Reflect on the meaning of the cross with Father Mike Schmitz


In this inspiring Lighthouse Talk, Father Mike Schmitz explores how God’s rescue mission includes the need for each of us to embrace our own cross, that we may re-establish trust in the Father and fully understand that love requires sacrifice.



A Lent to Remember (from Formed.org)

Be Restored by God’s Mercy


A Lent to Remember is a beautiful presentation on the transforming power of mercy in the Sacrament of Confession, using the Augustine Institute productions Symbolon and Forgiven.

No matter what you have done, no matter how long you have been away, Jesus is waiting for you with open arms this Lent!




Your Weekly Formed.org Recommendation

Enrich your marriage with this award-winning series!


More than a union based on romantic love or mutual fulfillment, marriage goes back to the very essence of what it is to be human – and reflects a design placed in our hearts by God himself.

Beloved, an Augustine Institute Studios original production, explores the spiritual and eternal reality behind “I Do.”

Beautifully filmed and featuring acclaimed speakers, Beloved speaks to the very heart of every husband and wife, bringing sacramental truth and  God-infused love into the everyday challenges of married life.


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