Construction Update!

The construction continues to progress well, on target for cost and for timing.   Even as work has been periodically rescheduled due to several children’s masses, funerals, and other liturgical activities, the project remains on schedule.  Take a minute to look at the stone being installed.  It has a great appearance and will have the leak free durability we need. The major scaffolding on the north gable is already removed and reset for the next phases of work.   The top of the tower has been refurbished and, if you look carefully, you will see the brick repairs.  Also, you will notice the newly treated surfaces are bright and the required flashings and expansion joints are completed.  You may have noticed the stacked pallets of new roofing base in the Northwest parking lot as roof work will begin soon.

All of the construction activities have been coordinated to permit the set up and running of the Festival as usual.  The Northwest parking lot will continue to be unavailable until further notice.   The schedule for construction has been adjusted for three weeks around Christmas to ensure the smooth running of the many liturgical events that surround the holiday.

Ode to Saint Cecilia (From

New on FORMED: Augustine Institute Radio Theatre’s Ode to Saint Cecilia
FORMED is excited to announce the release Augustine Institute Radio Theatre’s newest audio drama Ode to Saint Cecilia on FORMED OnDemand!

What is it about a modest young woman from second century Rome that transcends the centuries to move the hearts of the greatest artists to create in her name?

With fierce courage and unwavering faith, Cecilia witnessed the martyrdom of her loved ones and miraculously survived her own execution. Meet this holy muse, willing to follow the path of beauty and truth—no matter the cost.


2018 Family Fun Fest

Mega Raffle Hotline: (219) 322-4505 ext. 249

Musical Acts

Friday, August 3rd
5:30 pm – 8 pm:  DJ Jim Rainbolt
8 pm – 11 pm: Final Say

Saturday, August 4th
5:30 pm – 8 pm: Lipstick & Dynamite
8 pm – 11 pm: Crawpuppies

Food Vendors

Cavalier Inn
Coffee Cabin
Dairy Belle
Joey’s Concessions
La Quesadilla
Region Ale Taphouse
Welch’s Stop & Shop

2nd Annual St. Mike’s Car Show

Friday, August 3rd
4 pm – 8 pm
Prizes awarded at 8 pm from the Main Stage

Becoming Catholic

Come and see. Are you searching for a church to call your own? Do you struggle with questions about life, death, suffering, hope, love, God? Please call 322-4505, ext. 241 for information on exploring these and other topics of faith. Also, invited are those who have never been baptized, baptized in a non-Catholic Christian tradition, or baptized in the Catholic Faith and never received the sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation and are over the age of 7, to seek information regarding  this process.