Construction Update!

The construction continues to progress well, on target for cost and for timing.   Even as work has been periodically rescheduled due to several children’s masses, funerals, and other liturgical activities, the project remains on schedule.  Take a minute to look at the stone being installed.  It has a great appearance and will have the leak free durability we need. The major scaffolding on the north gable is already removed and reset for the next phases of work.   The top of the tower has been refurbished and, if you look carefully, you will see the brick repairs.  Also, you will notice the newly treated surfaces are bright and the required flashings and expansion joints are completed.  You may have noticed the stacked pallets of new roofing base in the Northwest parking lot as roof work will begin soon.

All of the construction activities have been coordinated to permit the set up and running of the Festival as usual.  The Northwest parking lot will continue to be unavailable until further notice.   The schedule for construction has been adjusted for three weeks around Christmas to ensure the smooth running of the many liturgical events that surround the holiday.

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