Do You Know? (RCIA)

Do You Know…

   “How the baptized carry our their rights and responsibilities?

As baptized Christians, we have immense privileges and responsibilities. We are called to gather together on Sundays and Holy days to join the community of believers in praise and worship. We are called to celebrate the sacraments,

especially the sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood—-the Eucharist, our great prayer of thanksgiving. We are called to know and to live according to the law of God. For every Christian, living out our Baptism looks a little different because each of us has a unique vocation—God calls each of us in a different way. One thing is certain: Baptism changes us and makes immense demands on us. Not to live out our Baptism in service of God and neighbor is to be like the person in the parable who received a coin and buried it in the ground instead of investing it and letting it grow.


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