Latest Construction News (Updated 11/5/2018)


Here’s a quick construction update of some changes that have occurred, or will be occurring in the near future:

  • Fr. Marty has selected our new church paint colors, a base coat along with some accents will be applied as the repairs to the west wall are finalized. Overall, the entire church color will change and select surfaces will be accented for aesthetic purposes.
  • The primary work site and plastic barrier are going to be shifted to the east wall of the church; the west side benches will be replaced and some on the east removed.
  • The organ trumpets have been carefully removed and packaged for temporary storage to protect them from worker activity. These components, along with the pipe ranks and chimes, will be cleaned and tuned after the interior work is completed. Thank you for your continued patience!

Take a look at our painting plans here.  Keep in mind that alterations may occur as painting takes place, but for the most part these should be an accurate reflection of the work that will be done.

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