Dear Saint Michael’s Community,

It has just come to our attention that an individual with access to our facilities has recently tested positive for COVID-19. While the risk to the public and our staff is minimal, we are exercising an abundance of caution by taking proactive measures to prevent transmission of the virus. As a result, we will be temporarily closing all of our buildings until they can be professionally cleaned and disinfected. This will have little impact on parish functioning, as all staff will continue to work from home and serve our parish remotely.  Additionally, our Holy Week and Easter services will be held  and streamed as originally planned (a full schedule of services is available on our website). Lastly, we would like to encourage our community to join together in prayer for those who are currently sick, and for those healthcare workers whose daily efforts put them in harm’s way. This turn of events is something that reaffirms the reality of the situation, and should serve as a reminder that it is vital to continue to adhere to social distancing and all recommended public health protocols. 

-Saint Michael Parish

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  1. Will people who may have had contact with the person be notified?

    I suggest that they be notified. Thank you for the heads up.

    • Yes, all individuals who have been in contact with the person on our grounds are aware. We had already been taking precautions with social distancing and limited operations, so luckily that list is short. That said, we want to ensure that all surfaces are professionally sanitized to be absolutely certain there is no risk.

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