Sr. Alphy Named a Franciscan Superhero

Our very own Sr. Alphy was named a Franciscan Superhero for going above and beyond to bring solace to a gravely ill COVID patient. Read the touching story below:

Nominator Maria Carrizales shared: “We had a patient on 6C who was actively dying (COVID- Positive). His family was out of town and not available to come in and be with the patient. The moment Sr. Alphy heard the patient was actively dying, she stepped in (this was not her patient). She donned full PPE, entered the patient’s room, held the patient’s hand, prayed for him, and talked to him with words of care and comfort. Sister Alphy held the patient’s hand and never stopped praying until after his death. Spiritual Care informed the patient’s brother that he did not die alone and that Sr. Alphy was with him the entire time holding his hand and offering words of comfort. The brother was told ‘your brother passed peacefully and in continues prayer.’ The brother was not only grateful for the care, but overwhelmed with such compassion, caring and empathy. He mentioned this was so important to him, as it helped him process this sorrowful news to know his brother did not pass away alone.”

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