Faith Formation


The vision of the Faith Formation Committee is to provide opportunities for lifelong faith formation for the St. Michael Catholic Community and affirm parishioners in the practice of their faith within the family, parish, and community, under the direction and leadership of the pastor.  This is accomplished by providing a variety of programs and resources that will assist parishioners in their spiritual growth and outreach to others as the followers of Jesus Christ.  Programs include Traditional, Family Faith, and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (beginning at age three).  The Faith Formation Board meets monthly.

Contact: Kimberley Hoogeveen,, 219-322-3077, ext. 8328

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St. Michael Faith Formation
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The Role of the Family

“The role of the family is the first soil on which is planted the seed of faith.  Parents are the primary educators in the Faith.  All members of the extended family have some role in the formation of young Christians.”

It is important that families receive the support and encouragement of their parish community. Parish programs for parents do not, however, need to turn parents into educators.  In the family, a Christian education is more witnessed than taught

St. Francis told his followers, “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words.”


Yearly registration for the following Faith Formation classes will be held in April of each year and done in person.  Any new parishioners will need to bring a copy of the student’s baptismal certificate.  A documentation of transfer is needed if the child has been attending Faith Formation elsewhere.