Sir Bookworm

The 4th grade class at St. Michael School held a class play for the school, parents, family and the Fathers too on Tuesday January 16 in the school gym. Our play was “Sir Bookworm”. The short little play was about a modern day girl in 2018 who thought books were no longer needed in a technology based world she lived in. She was arguing with the bookworms that reading is a waste of time. As the girl gets so bored with what is said she falls asleep. The characters of the books come off the shelves to defend themselves that reading is still cool in 2018. The class did a great job and worked hard during this little Reader’s theatre. Reader’s Theatre helps improve reading fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension while incorporating drama, art and movement into the learning process. It was a fun way to take a different approach into our school curriculum. The students I hope will always have this memory of our fourth grade play.

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