At the Arboretum

On May 21st, the 1st Grade class of Mrs. Rusin and the kindergarten class of Mrs. Barone enjoyed a day at Gabis Arboretum, (formally known as Taltree Arboretum).  The students were given a guided tour of the grounds and taken on a nature walk to observe all that Mother Nature had to offer.  The students observed the sounds and sights of many birds, plant life, and water systems that help keep the ecosystem what it needs to be and to be sustained.  They were also asked to notice all the different colors of the forest, in and along the hiking path.  It was a wonderful experience for all the students.  After their hike, the students enjoyed a picnic lunch among the trees and it was followed up at school with drawings and writings of their many discoveries.  Gabis Arboretum is a beautiful way to experience nature and all it has to offer.